Orlando Grief; Father's Day Grace

What a week. Do you feel burdened by an invisible blanket of grief because of the recent horrors in Orlando? I certainly do.
A talented young singer is killed by an obsessed fan.

49 people are massacred by a radical, Islamic terrorist. Another 50 more are injured by the same gunman.

A two year old is snatched by an aggressive alligator as his family marvels at the fireworks at Disneyworld.
Three very different, very horrific situations that happened in less than a week, just miles apart.
How do we connect the dots? How do we make sense of these losses? What are we supposed to learn?

Countless sages will weigh in about the causes of these nightmarish occurrences. Opinions are plentiful about how America needs to change to avoid future attacks.
And I certainly have my opinions.
But as different as each situation, all point to some universal truths:
Life is a vapor.
We’re not promised tomorrow.

We need to be ready to meet God today.
Each day really is a gift.
And evil is very real.
As Father’s Day approaches this Sunday, please take a few moments and put some words of encouragement into writing for a father in your life.

  • Perhaps you’ve lost your own father. Write to your father-in-law.
  • Maybe your father was abusive or neglectful. Then write words of affirmation to someone who served as a godly father figure in your life.
  • Share with your husband, in writing, the things you cherish about his leadership of your family.
  • Express to your son the qualities you admire about the way he loves his children and treasures his wife.
  • Take the time, this Father’s Day, to write meaningful words to the important men in your life. Give them something that can be read and re-read.

And finally, try something very different this Father’s Day:
Write a love letter to your Heavenly Father!
Reflect on the aspects of God’s character that you cherish. Think about the ways He has shown His faithfulness to you over this last year. Don’t just think about it. Write it out. Reflect on it. Read it out loud. Make it a prayer of gratitude to your Heavenly Father for His love and faithfulness.
Yes, there is a great deal of pain and suffering in this world. We’re seen it intensely this past week. 

But there are also things to be celebrated. Our fathers. Godly men. And most of all, our Heavenly Father.