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Leave Nothing Unsaid Workbook

The Workbook

Start today and Leave Nothing Unsaid.
Simple. Intentional. Lasting. Words that matter forever.



Leave Nothing Unsaid is Jody’s all-time bestselling book! It was created to be a resource on learning the art of affirmation.

By following this step-by-step guide, you will be led through the entire letter writing process from start to finish. It will help you brainstorm affirming words, make you dig deeply into what you love about the person you are writing to, and complete a letter that is meaningful and lasting.

The Leave Nothing Unsaid workbook can be used individually as a self-guided tool, or as part of a workshop where Jody Noland, the founder and author of Leave Nothing Unsaid, leads the participants through the process, step by step. Either way, this book will teach you how to write words that will matter forever.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Sometimes the most simple things in life are the most beautiful. Jody, you have shed a new light on a very simple concept – writing a letter. Your program is about hitting the pause button to tell someone we love them…to share our emotions. I can’t think of a better reason. It could be a life changer for the recipient…and for the writer.
What a beautiful movement! I wrote a “Leave Nothing Unsaid” letter to my Dad last month and sent it to him on his birthday. As I put pen to paper I realized something: this letter I was composing was intended to encourage my father, but in so many ways I was being encouraged! I signed my name at the end with tears streaming down my face as I realized that this man entrusted with being my father had accepted the responsibility fully. I loved the chance to love on my father in this way! Jody admonishes those writing letters not to get stuck on it being perfect, but rather to just follow through. I’m so glad I did this. One letter written and several to go!
I just had to tell ya...my almost 80 yr. old mother, English-teacher-turned-writer, who is in fairly good health got her hands on my Leave Nothing Unsaid workbook last week and LOVES it! She has ALL of her letters written to our whole family! I left it with her one day last week and asked her if she had a chance to see it and she goes, 'OH YES and IT'S MAGNIFICENT!" and then she began her letters.
I am blessed, encouraged, challenged and motivated from your workbook. I am going to sit down and write Christmas letters this year to family members and loved ones.
My friend (who was terminally ill) was so relieved and overjoyed to receive an easy guide for her letters to her girls (ages 8 & 13). I can't tell you the peace and contentment that came over her once she had completed this task. She had been so restless and almost panicked before not knowing how to start. What a gift you gave to her! She was so at peace the last two weeks of her life. She talked to her girls and left them something to hold on to. It gave me so much peace watching her accomplish this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leave No Doubt

Know What's Right

About Jody Noland

Speaker, author, mother, widow, and encourager, Jody Noland wears many hats. After spending a significant period in corporate America and then launching a small business with her late husband, Jody launched out into the deep as “CEO” (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Leave Nothing Unsaid. In every setting, her greatest joy comes from encouraging others

Whether through speaking, writing or coaching, Jody’s passion is to encourage others to thrive and to make authentic affirmation part of their daily lives. It is her sincere desire that I can do that for you and others in your life!

“I hope you’ll join me in the mission of encouragement and stay connected to receive ongoing encouragement from me.”

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