Do you have a theme song for your life? 
My signature tune has changed many times over the years. More often than I care to admit, My Way by Frank Sinatra most aptly reflected my life choices. (That refrain never turned out too well, by the way.)
Over the last several years, New Wine by Hillsong Worship has been my anthem. “In the crushing, In the pressing, You are making new wine. In the soil, I now surrender. You are breaking new ground.” If you have been through a difficult season, perhaps you, too, have gained strength from those lyrics.
2020, with all of its challenges, seemed like the perfect time for a new theme song. While the global pandemic and accompanying isolation has caused me to press “pause” on plans and to reset some goals, this alone time has also provided ample opportunity to reflect and pray about my life purpose and direction. 
Several weeks ago, I heard Be The Moon by Chris Tomlin, for the first time. I immediately thought “that’s my new theme song!” Here are some of the lyrics:

“You’re the Lord of all creation
God, you made me in Your image
And I’m just a reflection
Of the love that I’ve been given
Everybody wants to be somebody
I wanna be somebody, too.
If I’m gonna be known for something
I wanna be known for You.
I wanna be the moon
Up among the stars
Fly around the world
Lighting up the dark at night
I’m nothing without the Son’s amazing grace
On everything I do.
If You’re shining on me,
I’m shining right back for You.
I wanna be the moon.
Lord, I wanna be the moon for you.”

 Back in my IBM days, I learned about the “5 Whys.” It is a simple but highly effective way to get to the root cause of a problem. I’ve also found that continuing to ask “why” is a great way to evaluate the deepest motivations behind my goals and dreams. 

 My passion “to encourage others to encourage others” and to leave nothing unsaid is stronger than ever. Soon, I will be releasing a book to encourage widows called “Good Grief: Hope, Help and a Little Humor for Your Journey from Wife to Widow.” But the “whys” behind all of that work? To use my gifts, talents and life experiences to reflect God’s love to others.
As you enter the final stretch of 2020, I hope you’ll take some time for reflection, too. Who do you want to be a year from now? A decade from now? And most importantly, why? Are your daily habits, choices and attitudes putting you on the right path to get there? If not, this is a great time for a course correction and a new theme song. 
I wanna be the moon. Who do you want to be?