Posted on 5.13.2016 by Jody Noland

Imagine this. You open your mailbox. Amidst the junk mail, the bills and the political flyers, you find a handwritten note. It’s so rare to get anything personal in the mail these days that you immediately rip it open.
“Who could this be from,” you wonder? There’s no return address.
The content of the note makes you stop in your tracks.
On it, is written a number. It’s a big number.
And you wonder what that means.

Posted on 5.06.2016 by Jody Noland

If you know me at all, you know that I am a “processor.” And for as long as I can remember, I’ve reflected on “lessons learned” from various life experiences.
One of the greatest joys of my life has been the incredible gift of motherhood. Granted, raising just one child certainly doesn’t qualify me as an “expert,” and the fact that my 23-year old is an exceptional young woman cannot be attributed to my stellar mothering skills. It could just be dumb luck. However, I believe all the credit belongs to God.

Posted on 4.29.2016 by Jody Noland

He’s considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game.
Yes, he broke countless records.
Led two different teams to Super Bowl victories.
But a series of touching new commercials by Gatorade show another reason for Peyton Manning’s legendary status: his encouragement of others with simple, handwritten notes.

Posted on 4.22.2016 by Jody Noland

Mother’s Day is just two weeks away.
Is there a mother in your life who deserves to be honored?  Your own mother or “mother-in-love,” someone who has been like a mother to you or, perhaps, the mother of your own children?
This Mother’s Day, why not spend a little extra time and touch her heart in a meaningful and lasting way?
Don’t just say “thank you” for all she does in 2016.  Tell her why she is so special to you.

Posted on 4.15.2016 by Jody Noland

As often happens after I’ve shared the message of Leave Nothing Unsaid, people tell me stories about letters that have impacted their lives.
It happened again yesterday.
Numerous touching stories were recounted about letters that people cherished. And every story further strengthened my passion about the importance of written words of affirmation and encouragement.
But two stories in particular touched my heart, and both were about letters from grandparents.

Posted on 4.08.2016 by Jody Noland

Really.  Why should anyone care? Why, in this blazing age of all things digital, should anyone bother?
Sure, a few are natural born writers. Like walking Hallmark cards, words of encouragement and affirmation seem to pour forth effortlessly from their lips and pens.  (Yes, they are nice to have as friends but easy to “hate.”) But for most of us, words don’t flow like that.
If you’re part of the silent majority, here are 10 reasons NOT to  write a letter to someone whom you love:

Posted on 4.01.2016 by Jody Noland


This past weekend, I was in my hometown of Annapolis, MD. It had been a few years since I'd been there, as much as I love that charming town. After losing my parents in 2010 and 2011, I decided it was too difficult to visit a place I loved so much without the people I loved being there. 

But this visit was different. I was with a close friend, providing a "highlights" tour of my life. One of the first stops was at the U. S. Naval Academy where my parents cremains reside in the Columbarium.

Posted on 3.25.2016 by Jody Noland

Have you ever thanked a Chick-fil-A employee? If so, you’ve undoubtedly heard the words “my pleasure” as the immediate response. You’ll hear that same consistent reply at every Ritz Carlton. And no two words could better express my heart after helping a humble giant complete letters to loved ones as he neared the end of his earthly journey.

Posted on 3.18.2016 by Jody Noland

“Theirs was a love story for the ages.” That’s how Brian Mulroney, Canada’s former Prime Minister, described the relationship between President and Mrs. Reagan at her funeral last week.

Posted on 3.11.2016 by Jody Noland

Do you consider yourself a role model? Well, you are.
People are watching, no matter what your age.
Young or old, male or female, affluent or struggling. People around you are watching.
Maybe you’re in a significant leadership position at work or in your church. Perhaps you have a national platform of some sort.  You might be active in your community. Or maybe you’re “just” a mom or dad. But unless you’re in solitary confinement, the people around you are watching. (Well, even in solitary confinement, hopefully the guards are watching)