Bravo! You made a great presentation and facilitate this workshop well. The material was easy to follow and just about fool-proof. Trust a fool like me!

I am not sure one will ever know the true value of this workshop. The value is in the lives it will touch.

"You gave me the confidence to be able to express my feelings because it's normally such an awkward and difficult thing for me."

"This is an excellent spring board for the things I need to put into writing."

"This workshop has been very helpful in how to write the letter to a loved one."

"The workbook is excellent. As a matter of fact, it is a blessing! Thank you."

"My 17 year old son is breaking away from "mommy" and becoming a man. I'm having difficulty letting go...but need to...and I am going to use your material to help me affirm this young man."

"I really like the step by step approach and the examples. I am not creative at all and needed the help of examples."

"I have learned that this doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems, and how important and meaningful this can be."

"Excellent and very worthwhile"