"Thanks again for the great workshop...You have done a great job walking your participants through an otherwise difficult exercise. It was a real gift to my husband and myself."

"Your message is very motivating and the manner that it is presented is simple and easy to follow."

"What a treasure this tool is."

"My elderly dad told me what a treasure this letter was, and that he was going to pull it out and read it whenever he has a bad day."

"Thank you for inspiring me to write down my words of affirmation. I know that I don't need a special occasion to write my letters, but my dad's 80th birthday is in July and my son's wedding in October will give me perfect opportunities to share my letters with two more people I love."

"My friend (who was terminally ill) was so relieved and overjoyed to receive an easy guide for her letters to her girls (ages 8 & 13). I can't tell you the peace and contentment that came over her once she had completed this task. She had been so restless and almost panicked before not knowing how to start. What a gift you gave to her! She was so at peace the last two weeks of her life. She talked to her girls and left them something to hold on to. It gave me so much peace watching her accomplish this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

You have inspired many of us to share something very special with the ones we love.

I love it! It helps me organize my thought and put my thoughts on paper.

This workshop was excellent. We often have good intentions about being intentional, but the urgent pushes the important right out the window and leaves me short on follow-through.

The guidance provided will help me tremendously.