Affirmation; Encouragement

Is My Nose Growing, Pinocchio?



The language of encouragement and affirmation does not come naturally to most of us. It’s far easier to say nothing...or even, to point out another’s faults and weaknesses than it is to tell someone what’s “right” about them. Often, we feel awkward or insincere, or fear that our motives will be misunderstood. 

And yet, there’s nothing quite so energizing for most people than to be told what someone special really values about their character. It’s like a B-12 vitamin for the soul.

What's the big deal with the A-Word?

The A-Word I’m talking about is AFFIRMATION.

And why is it so important? For most people, receiving words of affirmation has the same impact as pouring water on a thirsty plant. People stand up taller, smile more broadly and often project a greater sense of confidence when they hear affirming words.

There’s an important, but subtle, distinction between AFFIRMATION and another A-Word: APPRECIATION.

We tend to appreciate what someone does for us:

-Cooks a good meal

-Runs an errand

-Gives a gift

-Makes a sale