Simple Ways to Make Mother's Day More Meaningful (for Children of ALL Ages)

Ask any mom. They’ll tell you that it’s absolutely WONDERFUL to feel appreciated, especially on Mother’s Day. Knowing  that our children (and husband) are grateful for all that we do and sacrifice to enhance their lives is as satisfying as that first wonderful sip of hot coffee or tea in the morning. Aaaahhh!
So “yes, yes, yes” to giving your mother thoughtful gifts and providing a lovely meal on Mother’s Day! “Absolutely yes” to being with your mom on Mother’s Day if at all possible. Knowing that my own daughter is traveling hundreds of miles to be with me this Mother’s Day makes my heart want to burst with joy.
But to make Mother’s Day really meaningful, please don’t neglect another A-word! While APPRECIATION is central to making a mother feel loved and celebrated, so is AFFIRMATION.
What’s the difference? We appreciate what someone does for us or for others. Being grateful is incredibly important. But when we affirm, the focus shifts, and we highlight the character qualities of the person doing the giving. So on Mother’s Day, it’s exceptionally meaningful to also express to your mother or wife what it is about her that you cherish.
Here are five simple waysto make affirmation part of Mother’s Day:
Write your mother a letter telling her what she means to you.
Highlight the unique qualities that make her so special and tell her how those aspects of her character have positively impacted your life. Share a few special memories that you will always cherish. Include a word picture to illustrate. Express the love, hopes, prayers and dreams that you have for her.
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Fill a mason jar with popsicle sticks. Write something you love about her on each stick.
(Hat tip: Kailee Olson for this great idea) Another variation of this idea is to buy a clear, cylindrical glass vase and a bag of smooth river stones and write something your cherish about your mom on each stone with a Sharpie.
Put together a photo book with pictures that illustrate the qualities you love and value most about your mom.
Many online sites (and even local drug stores!) are available where you can assemble a soft-covered, simple book by uploading pictures. Be sure to add text to the photos and highlight the essence of her character that the various pictures represent to you.
Make a stack of cards with each one highlighting something special about your mother’s character and life.
Use index cards or nicer card stock. The cards could be put into an easel-flip photo album that she could display.
Create a photo mat decorated with your mom’s special character qualities.
Enlarge a favorite mother/child photo or consider drawing a portrait. (This was done 17 years ago when my daughter was in elementary school. And I love it to this day! Don’t you think the portrait resembles me?)
These ideas are all simple and relatively inexpensive, and you have time to complete any of these before Mother’s Day! A common thread between each one is that they require being intentional, noticing and affirming the special qualities of the mother (or grandmother) that you dearly love.
Fathers and husbands, you can do this for your wives, too! Or you can help/prompt/assist your children to meaningfully express their love to the woman who constantly pours out for them. You’ll also be modeling thoughtfulness for them in a beautifully significant way.
Be creative and have fun with this! And on behalf of mothers everywhere, I can assure you that perfection does not matter.  It truly is the thought that counts.