What's On YOUR Highlight Reel?

Seriously. What do you think of when someone asks about your highlight reel? For most of us, memories of life’s best moments come to mind.

 Maybe it’s your wedding day, the day your children were born, getting the job of your dreams, writing a best-seller, winning a big game or reaching a level of financial success. Undoubtedly, your highlight reel would include your most joyful days of answered prayers and dreams come true.


Many of us were not able to have closure with a loved one before they died. We did leave things unsaid, and they did too. We might have a wide range of unexpressed emotions running the gamut from gratitude, love, regrets, guilt and even anger. So what do we do with all of those emotions? How do we release the things that are still bubbling under the surface and how do we move forward?